Team spirit

Running, football, go-kart racing and bowling: at first glance, the Olympic disciplines seem way out of place. However, Habasit shows its athletic side not just once every four years but continuously.

It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke: "What do Habasit employees do when the sales representatives from Southeast Europe come to Vienna for a sales meeting?". The answer is unusual but by no means a joke – they do sports.

During the day, the participants devote their time to presentations, trainings and information on product innovations. Even the breaks are used for a lively exchange of experience. However, to keep people's heads from spinning after a long day with numbers and facts, we host various sports activities in the evening for relaxation. At the meeting in October 2016, this was a football game.

Having a ball
This not only clears people's heads but strengthens the team spirit. When dribbling the ball, work seems far away and coworkers become ambitious athletes. This is also evident each year at the Business Run in Vienna. In autumn 2016, once again, twelve fast runners in Habasit t-shirts mastered the 4.1 kilometers long run. They proved as a team that they could only be faster on Habasit conveyor belts.

At every one of these events, colleagues come together from all regions of the sales territory. Regardless of whether the athletes are motivated by goals or the finish line, one thing remains the same: the team cohesion across national borders. (CW)

Sonja StrimitzerMarketing

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