Scott Innovation Days:
Visitors get a behind-the-scenes tour of tomorrow

Around 200 visitors were recently treated to a rare glimpse into the automation applications of the future at the Scott Innovation Days 2019 in Deerlijk, Belgium. Scott is a leading specialist for tailor-made industrial automation projects, and from March 7th to the 8th, customers and collaborators alike had the opportunity to explore the company`s latest cutting-edge innovations.

Five of Scott`s most long-standing and valued partners were invited to participate in the event, and Habasit was pleased to be one of them with a booth displaying some of our most unique belting solutions and models. Visitors had the chance to not only see the latest in technology, but also to ask our international crew specific questions regarding the varied uses of belting products in their own applications, an opportunity that many visitors gladly used. Some of the questions were very concrete, for example how the customers’ current production processes could be improved by switching to another belt type.

Innovation in action

Scott presented their vision of the materials handling and logistics applications of the future and exhibited several exciting applications of their own – many of which were equipped with Habasit belts so that visitors could easily see our products in action. There were two new innovative types of palletisers displayed at the event. One of them was the high capacity layer palletiser “Pal 4.0,” a next generation machine launched publicly for the first time at the event. The second was the collaborative palletiser. Both types are intended to be employed in the final stage of production lines when packed goods are stacked and palletised according to a customer`s specifications.

Scott also exhibited a meat cutting band saw with a special safety mechanism which automatically stops the blade within as fast as 9 milliseconds, if for example, a worker`s finger comes into contact with the machine.

“The event confirmed our opinion that Scott is a strong partner who applies innovation in action,” says Habasit’s account manager Filip Mrákava. “The spirit and importance of partnership was notable in the atmosphere.”

Forward-focused collaboration

Among the guests, there were 40 engineering students who were introduced to Habasit for the first time. With a strong focus on the future, each of the participating partner`s promise of growth was clear. To continue to meet the rising demands of success, Scott is planning to build up an emergency supply of Habasit belts in Belgium so that the company will be equipped to offer even more efficient and reliable service to the local market.

Habasit representatives, having already enjoyed a long collaboration with Scott, were pleased to have the possibility of meeting Scott’s engineering department face to face and establishing a stronger cooperation as groundwork for the future. This personal connection will even enhance the close collaboration between the two companies, already at an early stage in the development of forthcoming applications.

As we anticipate further innovations, the event was a good reminder of the teamwork that paves the way to tomorrow. (ST)
Sonja StrimitzerMarketing

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